Taronga Zoo is by far one of the most unique wedding venues I’ve come across. The beautiful harbour side location, grounds and animal experiences will make for a super unique wedding experience for you and your guests - pretty unforgettable in my eyes! Part of the wedding package at Taronga Zoo is having your wedding photos inside the Zoo grounds. Picture this - you’re cruising around the zoo in a private golf buggy, hopping out at the locations of your choice to have some amazing experiences and get some beaut photos while we’re at it. So, for those of you getting married at Taronga (or thinking about it) - I thought I’d share with you what some of the location options look like.

1. The Savannah

What can I say about the African Savannah that the photos don't?! For me, its the must have choice out of all of the options for locations at Taronga Zoo for wedding photography. Its wide open, has a great amount of light coming in and there's no fence between you and the beautiful Giraffes. What I really love is that sometimes they'll get inquisitive enough to walk over and say hello!

The Savannah is also a beautiful spot to go around sunset - as that wide open skyline catches all the beautiful light and if any of the clouds are lighting up, you'll see them from here too.

2. The Condor Lawn

An absolute must if your location shoot is around late afternoon or sunset, the Condor Lawns offer one of the premium views out over the city skyline from any wedding photography location in Sydney, full stop.

While the animal experiences here are a little less involved, the view itself makes up for it. It's breathtaking. It's the perfect backdrop in which to take a couple of minutes to yourselves, and soak it all in.

Taronga Zoo Wedding

3. The Elephants

Definitely some of the cheekiest animals around, I love photographing by the Elephants. Their presence is something really special, and really fun to be around. There's two seperate zones you can shoot with the Elephants - up top and down on the second level. Both have their benefits - however I find up top to give you the best light for photographs.

4. The Front Gate

The absolute classic location at Taronga, the beautiful front gate. Great for stopping by on the way back to the reception, this is the real classic location shot for wedding photography at Taronga Zoo. It's got the beautiful from the front and also - to the side. I love shooting this location with a little bit of a different perspective from the side angle - it gives it a completely different look and adds a nice bit of depth.

That rounds out our tour of the beautiful locations at Taronga Zoo for wedding photography. If you'd like to see more of what a wedding at Taronga looks like, have a look at Jessie and Olly's full location shoot here - or Kaitlyn and Travis beautiful summer wedding at Taronga Zoo here.