The story behind “The Dark Light of Winter”

As a photographer, the search for ethereal light in beautiful landscapes is what truly inspires me.

Learning to find and capture these moments is an ever evolving process. It begins with following weather systems, immersing myself in beautiful landscapes and endlessly experimenting with photographic techniques. All with the aim of capturing a feeling.

My aim with the Dark Light of Winter is to invoke feeling and share inspiration. Nothing for me feels as fresh as the first cold westerly of the year, and I wish to share that feeling with you.

This series signifies the start of a new chapter which I will continue to follow into the future. I hope that you find inspiration in the series and continue to follow along on this journey with me.

Below are the images which make up the highlight series from “The Dark Light of Winter”. Please watch the above slideshow to experience the full body of work – fullscreen, HD and headphones recommended 🙂

All of these images are available as absolutely beautiful Fine Art Prints

The exhibition space that ‘The Dark Light of Winter’ was presented in. The Mungo Scott Building, November 2020.